Finska Scorecard

This is a simple scorecard for the game Finska, a Finnish throwing game.

It was built as a labour of love, a remedy for boredom, and also to try out Stimulus and Glitch.

How Do I Use It?

The scorecard is for two teams. Each team has two columns of numbers: the left one being the score for a particular throw, and the right one being the running total.

Once a team throws, enter the points that team has scored in the entry box at the bottom of that teams column, and press Enter. The points that team has scored for that throw will be added to the table, alongside the new running total of that team's score.

If that team scores 0 points for a throw, the row will be highlighted in red to indicate that that team has fouled.

If a team's total is exactly 50 points, the row will be highlighted in green to indicate that they have won the match. If the teams total goes over 50, the total will be reset to 25 and the row will be highlighted in yellow to indicate this.

Tapping Undo will undo the last score entered. Tapping Reset will clear the scorecard.

What Information Is Stored?

This site doesn't use cookies or trackers so nothing about you is collected or stored.

Scores of the game itself are stored locally on the browser's local storage. This can be cleared by tapping Reset.

Further changes to what is stored will be disclosed in this page.

Who Made This?

This was made by Leon Mika. Originally made on Glitch it is now hosted on GitHub Pages.